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About us

Cryptocurrency market is very dynamic and vibrant one, with many great tools and webistes available. We decided to launch as we believe it will fill very specific gap which we found on our journey in the cryptocurrency world. We are hoping that the data presented here will help our visitors to make the right choice when it comes to investing and managing crytpocurrencies and that it will help to choose the right moment to buy, sell or keep crypto assets.

The main goal of is to present in clear and straightforward way how cryptocurrencies prices changed and how they may change in the future. It should also help to find cryptos which value significantly changed in the recent past so there could be an investing potential.

Roadmap is now in beta state providing quite simple funcionality. As it was used for our own, private needs for some time with a postitive effect we decided to go live. However, this is only the beginning of our journey. We have plans to further enrich with the following:

  • Searching - search by cryptocurrency symbol or name (added - see changelog entry).
  • Cryptocurrency icons - eyecandy or not it always helps to easily find what you are looking for (tested the first approach, however as table already contains a lot of data, colorful icons makes it only less readable thus icons will be only used on cryptocurrencies detail pages).
  • Sorting - for any tabular data, sorting is a must (added - see changelog entry).
  • Summaries - daily, weekly, monthly summaires/reports showing cryptos with biggest changes in value or those close to their high/low for the specific timeframe. (added - see changelog entry).
  • Cryptocurrency detail page - with more detailed stats (added - see changelog entry).
  • Cryptocurrency detail page - charts (added - see changelog entry).
  • Twitter improvements - we always work to improve our social apperance. We are planning to introduce more frequent updates on our Twitter account which will cover summaries and important price marks for cryptocurrencies.
  • SEO improvements - CryptoStare needs some SEO tweaking so it is more indexable and searchable by indexing mechanism and appears nicely when shared in social media.
  • Gather cryptocurrencies historical data - so charts can display entire price history instead of few last months. Also it will allow us to show all time high prices for all cryptocurrencies.
  • All time high prices - show on the main and details pages for each cryptocurrency.
  • Tredning stats - short, concise stats showing cryptocurrencies which values change the most in the specific timeframes.
  • Guides - we are planning to introduce some articles about cryptocurrencies buying/trading, mining, which wallets to use and so one.
  • Signals - next to trends it would be very interetsting to show buy/sell signals based on various techincal indicators.
  • Trend detection - this one is tricky, but we would love to include trends in the main table.
  • Redesign - make tables even more readable, so presented data could be analyzed in a blink of an eye.
  • Any ideas? - share with us on