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Akt.io is a new app that should be revolutionary. First opinions are important. At CryptoPump, we find it convenient to provide you with user reviews.

Our opinion on Akt.io

We will start with my opinion (Nicolas) about Akt.io.

The project developed by the French is very promising and ambitious. The 1st version is of an excellent technical level.

the application it is easy to install. It launches very quickly, the design is simple and effective. The concept really deserves to be tested. I think it’s good to be an early adopter and have a head start in case this system is widely adopted.

Regarding trading and banking, I will tell you more when I have done more extensive tests.

Akt.io User Reviews

We have received comments and reviews about the Akt.io app. We have made a summary, without naming the people, of the different opinions received.

Some users believe that this first version is promising and that the concept is revolutionary. This new approach seems to appeal to many people in the world of finance.

Ease of use

Users find that the design is very nice and that the software is easy to use even for beginners.

Some think the app is fluid and practical. care of it’s fast.

There are very few bugs that improve the user experience.


Users think that performance is very good (between 4 and 10%). The fact that interest can be converted into euros seems to please customers.


The cryptocurrency trading interface is very good according to users. Another noteworthy point is the fairly wide choice of cryptos (about 100 cryptos).

A trading robot is available for clients. This is also much appreciated.

the banking service

Customers report that the app is very well thought out and that the credit card is very useful for daily expenses.

customers like the ability to trade assetssuch as cryptos, stocks, …, in a single click.

There are also many positive reactions in crypto credit card !

Customer Support

Users do not hesitate to say that support is very responsive ! It’s great to have a modern app that allows quick access to support.


Many users are waiting waiting for technical advances especially since they are announced on the roadmap.

CryptoPump Community Akt.io Reviews

We know that the CryptoPump community begins to test Akt.io app.

Feel free to comment your opinions. We will read them with pleasure.

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