Akt.io the platform that wants to end the banks

Introducing akt.io

Akt.Io is a service of the English group automata which is based in London.

Automata is a company that is in the sector financial technology (technology at the service of finance). You want to offer an innovative financial service in savings management for individuals.

In order to develop the Akt.io platform, the company will proceed with a fundraising of €27 million.

With the arrival of Covid and because of Brexit, the company wants to move its headquarters in France to sofia country club or already practice 100 employees.

The concept of DeFi

deFi is the abbreviation for Decentralized Finance which means in French decentralized finance.

DeFi aims to replace traditional finance. It is based on Blockchain to offer financial services. the from peer to peer (P2P) is a dynamic network that does not use centralized servers. This architecture makes it possible to exchange files freely, quickly and easily while maintaining anonymity. Also, this works for high volumes. Therefore, this technology is really suitable for decentralized financial services.

These alternative services avoid:

  • bank operating costs (salaries, operating cost of processing servers)
  • Financial intermediaries. With direct access, customers would be freer and services more accessible.
  • use an unfair financial system.

Akt.io DeFi Platform

Akt.io is a platform that aims to replace the classic and old savings accounts that we have all been using for years.

Akt.io wants to distinguish itself on 3 axes:

  • Energy : Returns on traditional investments are quite low, especially considering the fairly high inflation at the moment. The platform wants to offer better returns.
  • Personalization
  • Flexibility : unlike traditional investments . Akt.io offers its clients the availability of the funds they hold on this platform.

The principle of the Akt.io offer is to earn daily interest by placing money in a digital vault. Daily interest is placed on a decentralized euro stablecoin.

The site akt.io offers to make youno earnings simulation as you can see in the screenshot below.

akt io simulation
akt io simulation

(image taken from aki.io/earn/)

The site also indicates that you can withdraw money at any time and this very quickly (less than 2 minutes).

Access is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

akt io withdrawal argent
akt io withdrawal argent

(image taken from aki.io/earn/)

The offer also has a system of loans and loans.

Sounds really interesting and intriguing doesn’t it?

Especially since the site indicates that in just 3 steps you will start earning money.

Step 1 : make a deposit in your safe

Step 2 : connecting your safe to blockchain techno

Step 3 : Just 24 hours after your safe earns money through daily interest.

Questions, Answers

Should I save on a DeFi app like Akt.io?

No, it is advisable to put only a small sum into these DeFi applications until this technology is democratized and proven.

Open the app and then click the “enable daily earnings” button.

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