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This page contains all major updates of shortly described. You can see latest changes and read a little more about new funcionalities and how to use them.

2018-03-24: Rank added on cryptocurrencies list

Added Rank (#) column on cryptocurrency list. The rank is based on Cryptocurrencies market capitalization and could be usfeul when comparing cryptos (especially on filtered list).

2018-03-03: Cryptocurrency Market Summaries Improvements

Improved cryptocurrency market summaries by adding:

  • Top 10 cryptocurrency summary covering value and rank changes.
  • Top 10 cryptocurrency market overview.
  • Improved gainers/losers tables so data is more readable.
  • Added Rank Change column in gainers/losers tables.
  • Introduced Sentiment Index in both Top 10 and whole market overviews.

Check out all those exciting new data on today daily summary!

2018-02-10: Where to buy cryptocurrencies on cryptocurrency details pages

Added Where to buy? section on some cryptocurrencies details pages with links to various cryptocurrency exchanges where cryptos can be bought, sold or exchanged. For example see Bitcoin details page.

2018-01-07: USD price charts on cryptocurrency details pages data ui

One of the most important tools when it comes to price movement analysis are price charts as the one can see how price fluctuates and changes over time. Today we have introduced USD price charts on cryptocurrency details pages! Now you can clearly see price history (from last few months for now - we are working hard to gather all historical data!) for each crypto. Check out Bitcoin, Ripple or RaiBlocks charts.

2017-12-17: Cryptocurrency details page introduced data

We have added cryptocurrencies details page. Each cryptocurrency details page contains price statistics as on the main list, general market data (market capitalization, volume, supply) and useful links (official website, blockchian explorers, etc). For example see Bitcoin details page.

2017-12-03: Cryptocurrency market summaries data

We have introduced market summaries!

Market summary is a short report showing some interesting market statistics. It includes top gainers/losers (by value and percentage change) and more general data, like number of cryptos which gain/loss value in a given period or avarage gained/lost value.

Summaries are added daily, weekly and monthly, so there is one for each day containing data from last 24 hours. One containg data from last 7 days every week, and one with data from the last month. Each summary is genereated on the end of the given time period.

Check list of available market summaries now!

2017-12-03: Sorting UI improved ui

On some resolutions and browsers, sorting arrows jumped to the next line in the table cell resulting in messy layout. We changed arrows to common sorting triangles. Hope you like it!

2017-11-18: Sorting introduced!

Long awaited sorting is here! Now you can sort by almost every column:

  • Symbol,
  • Price,
  • Change (for 24h, 7d and 30d timeframes),
  • Closest to low value (for 24h, 7d and 30d timeframes),
  • Closest to high value (for 24h, 7d and 30d timeframes).

For example here is the view showing cryptos with highest prices. Another interesting one may be trending cryptocurrencies from last 7 days or if you are looking for opportunity to buy, check which Bitcoin releated tokens are close to its 30 days low values.

2017-11-13: Last price change in Current Price column

Additional information about last price change added to Current Price column in a form Price (Last Change): $1005 (5%), where hovering over percentage change will additionally show previous and current price.

2017-11-13: Change columns coloring

Added proper coloring to change columns. When change is positive it is shown in green (24.5%) and negative in red (-33%). Thanks to that it easier to notice important data on the first sight!

2017-11-13: Support for special characters in search

Support for special characters (like /, [, ]) added in search engine. Now you can easily find cryptocurrencies like I/O Coin or cryptos with [Futures] word.

2017-11-07: Support for URL anchor/hashes

Added support for # in the URLs, so it is easier to link to specific cryptocurrencies in the table context. Just use /page/1#btc or /search/eth/1#etc and choosen crypto will be highlighted!

2017-11-04: Search added

Search box was added in the top right corner. Now it is much easier to find your favourite cryptocurrencies. Just type a search term and press Enter key or Search button. For example you can find all Ethereum related cryptocurrencies or all containing a bit part.

Just remember the search query should be at least two characters long. For one character ones you will not get any results. Happy searching!

2017-11-04: Changelog added

Apparently we did, we added changelog :)