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picking out the best platform for trading or buying cryptocurrencies is not so easy. Still hesitating between Binance and Coinbase? Know, in this case, that it could not have been better! Our article will enlighten you on the subject!

In fact, we took the time to compare the two services in depth on some important aspects. Let’s discover together a brief comparison between Coinbase and Binance which will certainly help you make the right choice, according to your expectations!

Service fees, Binance or Coinbase?

We invite you to discover who Coinbase or Binance is the most interesting regarding the financial aspect:


Binance represents the ideal platform in case you want to invest, without breaking the bank in cryptocurrencies. You should know that the commissions when selling and buying digital assets do not exceed 0.1% of the total transaction.

the Binance Fees they are relatively low and you will even have the possibility to lower them even more. You will need to have a large trading volume for this, or you will simply need to buy BNB tokens, the online broker’s own cryptocurrency.

Now it is possible to say: after reading the opinions of testers from various other platformsnone will offer you fees as low as Binance.

base of coins

Coinbase represents an American platform that pales in comparison. Let’s admit that the fees charged in the latter they are relatively high, and particularly if you do not go through their Coinbase Pro Platform (reserved for an informed and much more complex public).

In fact, you will have to make do with fees of 1.49% on each sale or purchase of cryptocurrencies, But that is not all ! When you want to exchange a cryptocurrency A for another B, you will have to pay a 2% commission. Suffice to say, it will be very expensive in the end!

Another disadvantage is that a fixed and minimum commission It will be applied to purchases of less than €200 (restricted amount). For example, you will have to pay a commission of €1.49 for a purchase of cryptocurrencies between €10 and €25.

Comparison of features offered by Binance and Coinbase

EC Binance vs Coinbase Comparison It will be incomplete if we do not mention the features offered by these two specialized brokers in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Let’s review some of the possibilities and features that these two platforms can offer their users. Thus, you will see that it is possible to do much more than simply sale or purchase of cryptocurrencies :


Binance represents, in the eyes of testers, a ideal platform from the point of view of functionality. It will be very difficult to find a service as complete as theirs. Let’s just say that the reputation of this platform was built in part around the new features and innovations it offers.

When you create a account on the Binance platformyou will be able to:

  • actively trade digital assets (with leverage, if you wish). However, you will have to remain vigilant;
  • sell and buy cryptocurrencies;
  • store your cryptocurrencies;
  • make a loan;
  • participate in the launch of new projects before anyone else (thanks to Binance Launchpad);
  • save your investment to earn interest;
  • order and use bank card to be able to pay in crypto.

base of coins

Coinbase is a platform that goes to great lengths to offer its customers a large number of features. It is now clear that this platform is finding it difficult to keep up with Binance, its competitor.

You will be able to access fewer features. You will find, having said this, the essential, namely:

  • trade through the Pro version of Coinbase;
  • participation in cryptocurrencies (savings product);
  • buying and selling of cryptocurrencies;
  • the possibility of taking out a loan.

Which platform to choose between Binance or Coinbase?

Winning, based on user feedback, to a large extent various categories such as “Fees” and “Features”, Binance proves to be a very good crypto platform compared to Coinbase.

let’s say the Coinbase Platform it only managed to claim a win when it came to its “Application and User Experience” aspect, compared to its competitor.

Therefore, there is no photo according to our experts, Binance is way above Coinbase ! Therefore, you will benefit from several advantages, including:

  • you will find more cryptocurrencies there (including many promising cryptocurrencies);
  • and above all, the costs of the Binance platform they will be 10 times lower than those offered by Coinbase;
  • you will have access to more functions.

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