Cryptocurrencies and the decentralization of online advertising

Online advertising is one of the most important areas for anyone who owns an e-commerce. There are billions that are invested every year that cryptocurrencies want to revalue, allowing users to choose to see them or not, using a blockchain project called Brave. This is what we know about it today.

Brave and BAT team up to decentralize internet advertising

BAT is a new cryptocurrency. Its name comes from “Basic Care Token”, which loosely translates to “Basic Care Token”. We obviously understand that this refers to online advertising. It is one of these new virtual currencies on the rise. Here is a link to discover them and find out which crypto will explode in 2022.

This new virtual currency comes with a browser called Brave. Its objectives are diverse, but we can generalize the concept by saying that the main objective is to free Internet users from their captivity in the face of online advertising and everything that this entails (tracking movements, exploitation of personal data, etc.). If Brave sees the light, the ads so frequent on the Internet will become optional, and will no longer be mandatory as they are today.

What role for the BAT

In such a system, the person surfing the Internet can choose to see advertisements. If necessary, you will be paid to do so. This payment will be made in the form of a voucher. The cryptocurrency will be deposited directly into the viewer’s virtual wallet, the latter attached to the Brave browser. In it, it will be possible to block trackers, thus eliminating the possibility of companies having access to the IP address, as well as the user’s personal information.

A new privacy on the Internet

This is a major change that Brave and the BAT cryptocurrency want to create. We are talking here about attacking the big companies in the field, the Techs like Google, which control the market. It is a fight against the sale of personal data that will surely take several years to get ahead. Do not forget that there are already other browsers that allow greater respect for privacy. And yet, users still prefer to use the capital “G” mark. We can even think that, in the end, many people are content with being recognized by the service, in order to see better targeted ads and content that they really like.

For a democratization of the Internet

Both Brave and BAT claim that their goal is to democratize the Internet. To do this, Brave is developing a DEX (decentralized exchange) with the aim of promoting liquidity, through token exchanges, which create added value. In addition to changes to online advertising, Brave will offer other services that will also serve to promote the democratization of the Internet.

It is in the reduction of data collection that Brave bets to defeat the giants of the field. The BAT cryptocurrency is undoubtedly the most powerful weapon of his. After all, it’s better to get paid to watch an ad than to be exploited.

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