cryptocurrency in the metaverse, what is it?

We often hear about CRYPTOCURRENCIES Y metaverse or metauniverse without really understanding exactly its definitions or its concepts, however, it is the basis of the future world economy. Several countries are already planning to follow in the footsteps of El Salvador and the Central African Republic, which have adopted bitcoin as official currency. Understanding the principle of these terms has become an obligation for any educated person.

In this article we will try to explain in the simplest possible way the foundation of cryptocurrencies in the meta-universes.


Cryptocurrencies and metauniverse: what relationship?

before talking about cryptocurrency in the metaverse, we must first explain what the meta-universe (or metaverse for English speakers) is. To keep it simple, it is a virtual universe composed of several virtual spaces where you can do various things. For example, playing games, practice flying a plane or even a racing car.

and short, it’s a virtual world. And like everyone else, we need a currency to pay for transactions and be able to take advantage of the advanced features of this type of universe. which is better thana virtual currency already existing to fulfill this task as the Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Indeed, cryptocurrencies (cryptocurrencies in English) existed long before theappearance of meta-universe and the people there are more or less familiar with its concept. The problem that arises is that we want to unify the currency that is used for transactions in the meta-universes. However, there are hundreds of cryptocurrencies in circulation, some less stable and of lower value than others.

Now how do you choose a cryptocurrency for a metauniversers ? Well, we don’t choose one, we create a new one!

Here we will introduce you to some of the cryptocurrencies linked to meta-universes in which you can invest.

Main cryptocurrencies linked to metauniverses

In our choice, we took as a criterion the potential of the metaverse and cryptocurrency. In addition to the current value of the cryptocurrency, its increase over the last year and its independence of events economic and political.

aave gotchi

this cryptocurrency named after its metauniverse which is, in fact, a game developed by the Pixel Craft studio. This game uses the principle of “play to win”, as its name suggests, this principle allows you to earn crypto by playing to this game. This coin has great potential, its current capitalization is 127 million dollars while its market value is about 2 dollars.


It is a virtual world dedicated to a game based on the ethereumThis game consists of buildingEARTHs” (digital lands that use the basis of NFT or non-fungible token). The most impressive thing is that the the value of this cryptocurrency has increased by more than 400% during this past year. Can get tokens”SAND” either by selling the “LAND” obtained and upgrading in the game, or by buying it in the cryptocurrency markets What ZenGo. Its current price is around $1.20.

axie infinity

Ax Infinitethere is a meta-universe In the form of trading card games (such as Pokémon), these cards are NFTs that can be resold in public markets. By playing this game you can earn two types of cryptocurrencies, AXS (Axie Infinity Shards) or SLP (Small Love Potions). These tokens can also be resold outside of the game. The AXS price right now is $19.


It’s a virtual world consisting of various games of different categories. This universe is based on the principle of ” play fi or the financing of the game (principle that encompasses that of “play to win”). By playing their games, we can earn NFTs MOMO or chips MBOX, which can be resold on crypto markets for $3.27. Although his capitalization is 260 million dollars, we chose to place it last in this ranking due to its instability. In fact, your course can increase by 400% in a week to relapse the following week (it can be beneficial if you know how to take advantage of it).

In conclusion…

We notice that most of these coins are mainly related to games and NFTs, This is because these domains have a strong user base that is constantly investing. That avoid gross market fluctuations cryptocurrency (which can bankrupt you overnight). For this it is necessary educate yourself before investing in any cryptocurrency.

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