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StromGain is a cryptocurrency exchange platform recently. It has recently adopted a very aggressive marketing strategy, its headquarters is located in the Seychelles and it has only been active since 2019. The site is mainly based on return on investment and margin trading. Then discover our StromGain Reviews as well as all the information regarding the platform.

What is StromGain?

StromGain is a cryptocurrency exchange site which is mainly focused on trading and ROI. It is then possible to anticipate the fall or rise of a price, going short or long with a multiplier. You also can buy cryptocurrency and keep them or exchange currencies for dollar-equivalent stablecoins (USDT).

You can have platform access with an internet browser, such as Google, but you can also download the app on Android or iOS. So, wherever you are connected, you can exchange everywhere and throughout the day. Also, the company is young and has to work hard to promote its platform. In addition, you will be able to find your ad in various finance websites and is an official sponsor of Newcastle United FC football club.

What services does StromGain offer?

Generally, StromGain offers 4 main services :

  • the exchange of cryptocurrencies;
  • cryptocurrency wallet;
  • business platform;
  • Bitcoin mining.

In fact, thecryptocurrency exchange allows users to purchase digital assets with a credit card. In addition, thanks to the chart, this exchange shows the behavior of assets in the cryptocurrency market.

StromGain also allows investors and traders to transfer their cryptocurrencies and store them for safekeeping. It is also possible to transfer the funds to another credit card and the site is compatible with other wallets.

StromGain is also a trading platform that It gives you access to various trading tools, such as trend follower, price follower and a view of technical indicators, to get an idea of ​​how to invest. know that at StromGain, there are more than 20 cryptocurrency trading pairs. Finally, it is possible to bitcoin mining thanks to StromGain, then you can earn passive income.

What is StromGain’s opinion?

StromGain Review overall it is very positive. This is a recent platform, but very promising. The latter offers a range of trading tools on its exchange, with a wallet and other ancillary services. It is recommended to be careful with the business functionality so it doesn’t become a money game.

In addition, StromGain has several advantages, starting with its very fast registration. Just enter your name, email address, phone number and you won’t need KYC. StromGain can then mine cryptocurrency trading with a multiplier up to 200xtherefore, it is one of the few platforms that offers this.

StormGain’s TradingView It provides you with real and accurate graphics in a very ergonomic and powerful interface. The platform also offers a demo mode that allows you to simulate trading costs and risks. Finally, StromGain offers settlement in USDT, it is indexed to the US dollar and 1 USDT = 1 dollar. Therefore, your earnings will not be subject to tax.

What is your opinion on StromGain prices?

StromGain offers not very high prices for trading margin and pleas in his ex-change. These fees range from 0.15-0.25% for an individual position and vary depending on the cryptocurrency pair being traded. For margin trading, there is also position fee Opened ranging to less than 0.04% per day. Regarding the exchange, the commissions range between 0.095 and 0.25%.

What about tradable cryptocurrencies?

You should know that StromGain offers 50 cryptocurrencies, which you can examine with a demo account. The cryptos are then pegged in pairs against USDT or each other. StromGain also offers interesting products such as tokenized materials or tokenized shares. The platform also offers you indices that you can invest in if you are undecided. Therefore, you have a wide variety of products that allow you to invest.

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