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Gemini is a cryptocurrency exchange platformnamely and trading, but also a cryptocurrency in itself, appreciated by many people. Various features are available to you in the Gemini app: you can buy, sell, trade or store virtual currency. Founded by early bitcoin billionaires, this mobile platform does everything possible to simplify your transactions.

Introducing the Gemini Trading App

Gemini is a New York stock brokerage firmvirtual assets founded by twins Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss (hence the name Gemini) in 2015. The box is known to many marketers as a platform cryptocurrency exchange. It includes 48 virtual currencies, including Bitcoin. It has its own cryptocurrency, Gemini, highly valued by certain types of users. In fact, 2 types of users can use Gemini. Institutional accounts and personal accounts eligible for cryptocurrency beginners. However, registration is done in the same way and is still free.

Gemini is a platform that promotes trade and encourage exchanges. That is why the deposit fees are zero. Added to this, the first 30 withdrawals are free, every month. However, the mobile version includes some fees What are they :

  • convenience fees: a 0.5% levy on traders’ trades on the stock exchange;
  • transaction fees: when there is a transfer of funds between accounts,
  • Active Merchant Fees – Applies to more advanced functionality.

Registration in Gemini

In order to benefit from the many Gemini Characteristics, you must first register in the application. This goes through many steps, which are:

account creation

To sign up, simply go togemini app, click “sign in” and provide your email address and a password. After that, you will be asked to validate your registration via email and to verify theauthenticity of your identity confirming the sending of an encrypted code to your phone.

Account Verification

To verify your identity the safest way, the application will ask you to provide a document that proves the authenticity of your identity. This can be identification such as a passport or license. Or, you will be prompted to import a residence certificate or any other document that proves your place of residence.

Deposit of the first funds in the account

to be able to start Gemini app transactions, you will need to add assets to your account. This can be done using a fiat currency like the euro or using a virtual currency. Bank transfer deposits take a bit of time. A processing of your data by Gemini is necessary in this case. But you will be able to trade cryptocurrencies even if you don’t have access to the withdrawal feature yet.

As for the cryptocurrency deposit, all you have to do is choose a coin and copy the public key of your Gemini wallet. Then paste this public key into a withdrawal order from another wallet.

Buying cryptocurrencies through the Gemini app

The Ge appmini offers two approaches to buying cryptocurrencies.

Purchase by order book

Pour buy cryptocurrency For order book, you need to press the “buy” button after clicking the menu button on the right side of the screen. In the drop-down list that appears, choose the currency with which you want to make your purchase. A window appears, click at the bottom of the screen to choose the amount of the purchase. After entering the desired amount, press buy. This technique has the advantage of being simple and fast and allows you to have a direct view of the result.

Buy through auction

the Purchasing process by auction It includes the intervention of a group of order, purchase and sale. This implies that you will have to follow the order with the final price. To buy cryptocurrencies with this method, you just have to opt for thefinal price order as well as a limit order. The latter defines the minimum or maximum purchase value. After that, all you have to do is click “buy”.

This method of buying on Gemini is more suitable for institutional tradersbecause buying cryptocurrencies through the auction allows entry to the market.

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