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Assets available to you include your checking account, savings account, tax-free savings accounts (TFSAs), retirement savings accounts (RRSPs) and other registered plans, unregistered investments, your employer’s pension funds, shares of private companies, the cash value of your life insurance and real estate,… Some of these assets can evolve positively over time (in the sense of increasing value). others they’re not really made for that (your car for example). We will discuss the different assets that can grow over time.

stock assets

Some assets are easier to grow than others. Stock market assets form part of the assets with highest upside potential long-term. they also represent downside risk.

Among the most interesting stock assets:

  • Behaviour : to trade or invest in the medium, long, very long term.
  • turbo : trade indices, stocks, commodities, etc. quickly (risky).
  • CFDs : trading indices (risky)
  • exchange traded fund : to invest in the medium/long term. (watch out for beta slip)
  • cryptos : trade (risky) or invest for the long term

Attention Some of these stock assets are dangerous. If you don’t master them, losses can be significant.

Stocks and ETFs are more long-term.

Invest in cryptocurrencies

In the stock market, cryptocurrencies are valued for merchants because they are volatile. let do Profits quickly. However, the risk of loss is high. Therefore, it is necessary to have good management of your trade to limit the risk of loss. Good money management is essential. And even then you are not immune to losing your entire trading portfolio. It takes experience, skill, time, etc.

You can also use cryptos to invest for the long term and have passive income.

In crypto you have to a business account that give access to cryptos if you want to buy You buy it through CFDs. CFDs are based on the principle of offering charge or pay the difference between its price and the current price. This implies that you must be able to pay losses if they are too high (high enough liquidity). Therefore, it is not really suitable for a safe and long-term investment. This is mainly addressed skilled and experienced traders.

To invest in cryptos in long-term it is better to pass exchange traded fund. Cryptocurrency ETFs allow you to buy cryptocurrencies and hold them in your Classic Stock Market Account (CTO) for a long time. Even if the crypto went down, you can Hold your ETFs purchased with cash.

In fact, ETFs are stock (underlying) assets that replicate benchmark asset performance without having to own one. Therefore, they facilitate access to one type of asset and can be bought in cash in an ordinary securities account.

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