How does a bitcoin wallet work?

It is important to know how it works. a bitcoin wallet (BTC) so that you can manage it correctly. This document will help you understand bitcoin wallets.

the bitcoin wallet

A crypto wallet is also called crypto walletallows to store only one type of crypto here in this case with Bitcoin.

Note that you can use a multi-wallet wallet to store various cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Etherum, etc.

A bitcoin wallet gives the possibility safely store and transfer Bitcoins. These operations are carried out using blockchain technology.

Exists Many types Bitcoin wallets: a software, hardware or web wallet.

The Bitcoin web wallet

Web wallets allow fast transactions in your Bitcoins.

You private keys will be stored on a web server accessible from anywhere in the world. These servers offer the creation of a user account to store your Bitcoins. However, for security reasons quantity will be limited.

The Bitcoin Software Wallet

A software wallet is an app that you can install on a PC or MAC computer or on a mobile device (smartphone, tablet). The software stores your private keys.

The mobile software wallet allows more flexible management that software safer office but also a bit heavier to use.

With the mobile software you can more easily transport your Bitcoins.

The Bitcoin Hardware Wallet

private keys are stored in hardware (Hardware wallet), the hardware is dedicated to storage, this can be a USB stick for instance. It is usually paid (around €50). Transactions in Bitcoin Wallet are made easy. Also, access to your Bitcoins can be done out of line. However, access is also less practical than with software or on the web, the fact that you must have the hardware with you and insert it into a reader such as a PC or MAC to access your Bitcoins.

With a storage device you can take your bitcoins with you. You will need to be careful that the device containing the Bitcoins is not stolen.

Despite everything for the safety of your Bitcoins, the hardware wallet is still the best option.


It is provided by the users themselves. Therefore, you have a responsibility to protect of your Bitcoin against theft, loss of access

When Bitcoin Wallet (Crypto Wallet) was created, a first level of security some devices will force you. You will need to add a 6 number PIN to secure your wallet from the start.

in some wallets the maximum amount of Bitcoins is limited to reduce losses in the event of piracy or theft.

Prefer a hardware wallet if the security of your Bitcoins is the priority. Access is protected by a password.

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