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Decentraland is proof that the virtual world It has undergone a great evolution in recent years. This development has allowed Decentraland to attract attention more and more players in the world. In case you are interested in Decentraland, but have doubts about how it works, this guide is written for you.

We help you understand the concept of the Decentraland platform, how it works, and how to run the system on your computer.


What is Decentraland?

Decentraland is simply a metaverse platform and blockchain that allows the user to be part of a virtual community on the one hand and acquire a virtual field from elsewhere. The purpose of this platform is to create a exceptional virtual experience. Decentraland has managed to change the world of video games since its inception, as it has pushed the designers of these games to create complex ecosystems that are more like virtual universes. These games now represent a universe that brings together millions of people that interact with each other.

This platform is a project that uses Blockchain and Ethereum, with the aim of creating a virtual world in which users can exchange currencies, buy and sell as in the real world. Indeed, with the use of block chain technologyeach user has the ability to create their own avatar and make payments.

In conclusion, Decentraland tries to create a virtual world similar enough to the real world so that users can successfully trade with each other using cryptocurrencies. But also creating a perfectly autonomous system, which is A revolution in the world Video game.

How does Decentraland work?

The Decentraland development team implemented a three-part system to ensure platform operation :

  • The consensus layer;
  • The content layer;
  • The real-time interaction layer;

The first layer is responsible for follow the different operations that occur during gameplay. For example, a Blockchain record is created when a user creates a profile and purchases land on Decentraland. The content layer stores all the information that will later be used to create the representation of the content within this virtual world. The idea behind this layer is that each player keeps all or part of the data to keep the system running smoothly.

The last layer is the real-time interaction layer, it is the one that allows users to interact in real time on the platform.

Also, as a player, you should know that the functioning of the platform depends on two chips : the MANA token and the LAND token. The first token allows the buying and selling of virtual land, while the second identifies the properties of a parcel of land that belongs to one of the Decentraland users.

How to run Decentraland?

The platform is built on advanced technologies like Web3 and WebGL, so to run Decentraland you will need one of these recent web browsers : Brave, Opera, Chrome, Firefox, Chromium and Edge Chromium. Of course, you will need it in addition to a computer equipped with a sufficiently powerful operating system to be able to use this platform.

Let’s take the example of the characteristics of a computer that easily meets the needs of Decentraland:

  • 4G RAM and i3 CPU;
  • An updated web browser;
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GT 730;
  • Windows says to update;
  • The presence of support for WebGL and Vulkan;
  • MetaMask;
  • A good Internet connection;

If your computer has these features, you can easily run Decentraland and then you can start by creating a profile and avatar on the platform. Decentraland gives you the opportunity to test the system before you start playing evaluate the performance of the platform on your computer

In the event that your computer has difficulty working with the Decentraland system, then you will have the possibility to meet the required conditions and try again, this is one of the strengths of Decentraland.

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