How to pay in Bitcoin?

More and more merchant sites offer to pay in Bitcoin. We will see in this document the different ways to pay in Bitcoin.

The different ways to pay with Bitcoin

There are several ways to pay in bitcoin :

1 – With a credit card issued by an exchange platform (exchange) such as Coinbase, Etoro, Binance.

2 – With a sending address and a second receiving address: address available on the merchant’s site to pay in Bitcoin or transmitted by a trusted third party

3 – With a QRCode to scan

4 – With prices converted into digital currency

1/ Payment in Bitcoin with credit card

Some platforms Crypto wallets like Coinbase and eToro for example, offer their customers the ability to have a Visa payment card whose operation is similar (at the seller level) to that of a bank card common. In fact, the seller does not know that the payment comes from a cryptocurrency. To him, it’s just a credit card.

If you pay with your credit card, the Amount what do you pay in crypto will be converted at the exchange rate current in dollars or euros (the balance is made up of the cryptocurrencies and the balance that is available in your account).

All commercial (e-commerce) sites that accept a visa card Also accept this type of card as for the business site it is a “normal” bank card. In this scenario, the transaction is instant and the card is debited immediately without any network validation delay.

2/ Payment in Bitcoin with shipping address

First of all, if it is pay attention to the addressee either a site or a natural person. you have to make a payment only if the site is confidence and even more if it is a physical person.

To make a payment with a receiving address:

  • Check that the requested amount is available in your account
  • Ask the seller for the delivery address
  • Enter the receiving address
  • Enter the amount to include transaction fees
  • Copy the address of the transaction to communicate it to the seller
  • Wait for the transaction to be validated

3/ Payment in Bitcoin with QrCode

It is the same principle as entering the shipping address, except that you will not have No to to enter 😉 This avoids typing errors.

  • open the app
  • Scan the QR code
  • Copy the address of the transaction to communicate it to the seller
  • Wait for the transaction to be validated (this is usually very fast)

4 – Pay in digital currency (project)

the Project is to offer end customers the possibility pay directly on the site in cryptocurrency.

Of top ecommerce brands even in France they are ready to enter this Project.

The project still presents risks even with a reference stablecoin.

it is necessary again wait a bit before knowing if Bitcoin will be part of the cryptocurrencies offered for live purchases and/or if there will be several cryptocurrencies, or a single reference stablecoin. Case to follow 😉

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