How to protect your crypto from hackers?

The crypto trading account

Your crypto trading account must be safe so no one can access it except you. To do this, when opening the account and your first connection, make sure that your the computer does not contain viruses. A keylogger-type virus could capture your password input.

You must install an antivirus and perform security updates of your computer to prevent hacking into your computer and make it easier for hackers to find your trading application password.

Of course you also have to updates to your trading application.

When creating the account, a complex password must be used; don’t use easy-to-find terms like “macrypto”, “cryptojeanpierre”, etc. Feel free to put special characters in your password.

The crypto wallet

The security keys of your cryptocurrency wallet (or wallet) must not be hacked. For this you have to put a complex passphrase and not an easy-to-find expression for hackers, such as a series of easy-to-find words. Use special characters, this is highly recommended.

you should also do pay attention to your navigation, do not go to sensitive sites, beware of suspicious links. In fact, hackers send malicious links for you to enter your password or passphrase. this is called phishing (phishing) that is present on the network and in all sectors.

To reduce the risk of hacking, you can use and VPN which will encrypt the information sent.

crypto wallets in material form they are supposed to be less attacked therefore less pirated as they will only be accessible when your device is connected to your computer. On the contrary, a web application will be accessible 24 hours a day therefore more attacked by pirates.

Computers (PC and MAC)

You should use your computer wisely on a daily basis:

  • prefer sites is https instead of http, especially if it is a cryptocurrency related application.
  • Update your browser and related plugins.
  • Avoid sensitive sites.
  • Use and VPN when you log into your crypto apps.
  • To close the system automaticallyin case of absence, your computer should not be accessible, especially if you are at work or in a public place.
  • Put your data on a second hard drive (SSD or HDD). In case of problem (hardware, ransomware, etc.) you can recover your data (favourites, documents, images, photos, etc.) including crypto related data more easily.
  • Make a backup of your data to another disk and/or to an (external) cloud.
  • Use complex passwords whatever the application.
  • do not store your passwords in a text file.

Cell phones

We tend to believe that PCs and MACs are more vulnerable to hacking than smartphones, but these are also prone to being hacked. If your smartphone contains an application linked to your cryptocurrencies (trading, wallet), you must protect it:

  • Put a PIN code on your mobile
  • put update the operating system (operating system)
  • To update applications you
  • put complex passwords in all your applications
  • Download your apps from official and well-known sites (Google Play for example if you have an Android).

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