How to protect your cryptocurrency?

There’s a lot of hacking attempts on the Internet, crypto accounts do not escape this, quite the opposite. You must follow certain security rules to avoid losing your cryptocurrency account (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Xrp, etc.).

We will see how to protect your exchange platform or you crypto wallet physical.

Crypto platforms

It is necessary to distinguish the different types of crypto platforms because they influence the security level of the application.

trading platform

Or exchange platform, as the name implies, allows you crypto exchanges with other users. This is done easily, you will be able to access and exchange your cryptocurrencies very quickly.

In terms of security, it is not the most secure platform. Your account can be hacked as well as the platform that hosts it. You can increase security through good practices on authentication and management of your mailbox (see the following paragraphs).

the physical wallet

If you operate on an approved cryptographic platform (AMF), you will have a certain level of security thanks to the implementation of the passphrase. You will be prompted for this phrase to use your private key. Provides additional security for your wallet. Is recommended don’t store this sentence somewherefor example, by writing it down on paper or in a text file on your computer.


Password Complexity and Enabling Two-Factor Authentication reduce the risk of piracy of your cryptocurrency account.

The password

The choice of password of your application dedicated to cryptocurrency is very important. It is essential to use a unique password. Therefore, you should not associate a password with your crypto application. already used in another app.

The password must also be complex. Do not put a common name for example. Put a sequence of characters that does not does not mean anything, as well as special characters. You can use an online password generator to create a complex password and Make your account more secure cryptocurrency

Two Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication greatly limits the risk of hacking. To secure your accountenable additional authentication:

  • text message authentication
  • an external authentication service

The mailbox

the provider

You need to link your crypto app to a quality email provider. Must avoid free mailboxes and/or little-known services.

Identity fraud

You really need to pay attention to the emails you will receive in the box linked to your cryptocurrency platform.

Phishing attempts are legion on the Internet and even more so when it comes to trying to steal cryptocurrencies.

You should pay attention:

  • password renewal requests
  • identification requests via a clickable link (page with a form)
  • requests to enter a username/password by email response or in a form

your stuff

We may tend to overlook potential flaws in our computer hardware. However, hacks are common. Securing your equipment should be part of your concerns in terms of protecting your cryptocurrency portfolio.

Your computer

Your computer (PC or Mac) must not be infected, especially if you store your private key on your computer. Feel free to run regular scans of your machine. There are powerful tools for this.

your internet connection

Use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to secure your Internet connection a little more. This makes it possible to have a different IP and go through a secure network. The authentication of your account, the passage of your cryptocurrency transactions, … will be more secure with a VPN.

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