How to sell cryptocurrencies in Etoro?

Etoro is a broker that allows you to trade CFDs on cryptocurrencies. In this document we will explain how to sell cryptocurrencies with this broker.

A little reminder about Etoro

Etoro uses CFDs (Contracts for Difference) as an instrument to trade (buy/sell or sell/buy) stocks, currencies, but also cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, ETC, LTC, etc.

Find all the information about Etoro in our dedicated archive.

Sell ​​cryptocurrencies with the Etoro app

First, log in to the app Etoro. If you are not registered, you will of course have to open an Etoro account.

Once you have logged in, click on ” Purse to view all assets that have an open position in your portfolio.

After click on asset (in this case a crypto) that you want Sell.

Next to the position to be closed will appear a red cross (X). Click on it to close the position.

If you are not used to selling assets on Etoro, I advise you to do some tests with demo account.

Questions and answers about selling on Etoro

Do I need funds to sell a position?

Yes, whether you buy or sell, you must have sufficient funds available at equilibrium level.

CFDs require cash to cover the current positions, as well as the positions you want to open.

Can I sell cryptocurrencies with the Etoro demo account?

Yes, but of course the sales will not be effective. The demo account is a separate account.

you can use the account manifestation for you to train to place orders. It is strongly recommended to do this before using your live account.

Once my crypto is sold, can I use my released funds?

yes, it’s almost immediate. Once your crypto is sold, the funds will be accredited in your account (if it is a sale after a purchase). you will touch the difference (principle of CFDs) and the cover available will increase.

Can I sell before buying a cryptocurrency?

Yes, it’s called position. short (or short). A short position allows you to play the diminish on an asset.

Can I sell with leverage?

Yes, you can sell cryptocurrencies with the sink when starting a short position or by close a position length lever open.

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