How to use this platform?

Cryptocurrency seems to many a complex and difficult market. But to reduce this complexity, the entry level of new players in this industry must be reduced. That’s why we present you an exciting new product for new or experienced virtual currency enthusiasts.

In this article we will make a complete presentation of XCOEX and a complete user guide, follow us to know more.

Presentation of XCOEX

XCOEX is a platform whose purpose is to provide yourEasy to use, easy, functional and advanced for users; is a priority for XCOEX. Security is one of the pillars of this platform and is done through mandatory two-factor authentication plus a third-party solution that must be trusted.

For security reasons, the storage of cryptocurrencies takes place in a cold wallet, that is, it is disconnected from the Internet. XCOEX Promises individual approaches for each of your users. Investors and traders can count on favorable conditions, unique offers and a relatively low transaction fee.

XCOEX account holders will be able to join the team through the platform, but also through the Telegram application.

The advantages of XCOEX

XCOEX has launched an affiliate program to offer the best conversion rates while allowing users to have brand recognition. Also, this platform is suitable for all devices: tablets, smartphones, laptops. Thanks to this, you have access to your account at any time.

You can start using XCOEX by downloading the app from the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android. The availability of customer service is a plus. The advisers are on hand 24 hours every day of the week and your requests will be processed in less than five minutes.

The technologies used provide top-notch affiliate tracking, which tracks signups, traffic, and visits.

The XCOEX team is composed runners, mathematicians, experts, programmers. This team is looking for solutions to offer a better experience to its users.

This guide contains all the necessary information to be able to use XCOEX and make your purchases on the cryptocurrency exchange platform.

Step 1: register

The first thing you need to do is register on the XCOEX trading platform. On your right you will find: Sign up or login, To create your account, press Register. Then, you must enter the requested information, as well as a sufficiently strong password and click on Create an account.

Step 2: choose your bitcoins

Once you are registered, you need to choose bitcoins to buy and this is done by going to the Buy crypto with USD section. You have the choice between:

  • with Bitcoin;
  • bitcoin cash;
  • Ethereal;
  • XRP;
  • Litecoin.

Let’s say you choose Bitcoin, use the button Buy now pour 100$. You can enter a custom amount for your purchase, but the minimum amount is $100, as other virtual currencies have different purchase limits. The minimum amount is common if you use a credit card.

then go to confirmation of your order.

Step 3: Bitcoin payment

Enough with complete your data as if you were making a purchase on a sales site.

Step 4: Identity Verification

To confirm the purchase, you must provide KYC information customer knowledge base. At this very moment, you have a level 1 account. Go to your profile, choose the limits button, you will see three levels of membership:

  • at level 1 you can make simple deposits;
  • at level 2, you will be able to buy fiat currency.

Your account will be verified in no time, allowing you to receive your purchased bitcoins in your wallet. You can buy bitcoin while you sing You can also redeem them at any time, send them to another account or save them in your wallet.

Step 5: Platform Security

If you intend to keep your cryptocurrency permanently, it is important to protect your account by using theTwo-factor authentication.

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