List of Metaverses to know absolutely

The term Metaverse is very fashionable at the moment. referring to all that relates to the digital worldyour through the network, the idea is to represent each individual by an entity from the Metaverse in a virtual world. Although the concept is basically specific to video games, the world of cryptocurrencies has begun to appropriate it and the various cryptocurrencies called Metaverse are proof of this.

The design was born in 2017, and every year since then new Metaverse cryptocurrencies are born. In this article we will show you a list of the best known.


What is the concept of Metaverse?

The Metaverse concept represents the world. beyond actual existenceyou and it’s the next step in evolution of the digital world. In fact, it allows every human being to exist in digital form in platform world, but above all it allows you to interact with your environment.

The concept of the Metaverse adopts that of cryptocurrency, by allowing investors various approaches, such as:

  • the creation of avatars that represent each individual on the platform;
  • communication with others, including for your monetary transactions;
  • make sales/purchases of your asset through your avatar;
  • contribute to the creation of a company;
  • start investing in real estate.

Unsurprisingly, the Metaverses seem to be the future of the digital world, be it for finance, video games, and even when it comes to social media.

Why the Metaverses?

The world of the Metaverse is in perpetual evolution since 2012, according to some, it could dethrone the economic system by 2050, obviously, that has to be seen on the bright side. Indeed, the metaverse marketplace it could be the next stage of monetary exchange, as well as that of the global economic system. That is, its annual growth rate will easily reach 39.4% by 2030, as a result:

  • it is a market that is changing quite fast;
  • the Metaverse market is still unknown to many people;
  • represents the great door to enter the field of finance and investment;
  • It is a market that will allow you to generate a lot of economic gains, and that while staying at home;
  • a market that is open to everyone, regardless of age, just follow its evolution;
  • Finally, the Metaverse market offers other investment perspectives.

List of known Metaverses in the world

There are many types of metaverses in the world. However, regardless of their names, these Metaverses are involved in cryptocurrency-related investments. In addition, they also allow to access the services and to make purchases through video game platforms. The idea of ​​recreating an entire economic system is there, with the added possibility of existence in through the digital world. Therefore, investing in the Metaverse can be useful and practical for those who venture there.

Here is a list of Metaverses, with two categories:

List of metaverses that are increasing in value

According to the statistics that represent the evolution of the value Of all the Metaverses, some are doing better than others. That is why this list is dedicated exclusively to the Metaverses whose value is experiencing a remarkable increase:

  • Theta Network THETA with a rate of 9.44%;
  • WEMIX logo WEMIX, a rate of 8.97%;
  • finally, Vulcan Forged PYR with a rate of 2.12%.

In other words, the list of Metaverses quoted above includes Metaverses whose value is in perpetual increase for a moment. As a result, their prices are also on the rise, making it the best investment to make.

List of Metaverses whose value is disturbed

In this second list, we are going to have visibility on the Metaverses of which the value is disturbed, but can still bounce. However, if you ever consider investing in the Metaverses, remember to regularly check the values ​​of the various cryptocurrencies in circulation.

  • Ultra UOS, and a rate of 2.15%;
  • Ontology ONT, with a dropout rate of 2.18%;
  • Chromia CHR, with a rate of 5.15%;
  • finally MyNeighborAlice, with a drop rate of up to 3.43% but which is very unstable.

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