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Since December 2020, thethey are cryptocurrencies they have seen their price rise in a rather improbable way, thus, registering new records without stopping. If only one needs to be held, of course it will be the $60,000 mark that Bitcoin recently crossed that led to the valuation of the cryptocurrency market well above 1,000 billion dollars, unheard of!

In this article, we will discover together the analysis of the cryptocurrency platform IPO. IPO coin base. So read on if you want more information on the subject!

The leader in cryptocurrency trading, Coinbase!

The Coinbase Platform was created in 2012 with the aim of being able to offer safe, simple and efficient access to cryptocurrencies to all its clients. Behind is a group of two young Californian entrepreneurs. Are :

  • Fred Ehrsam;
  • Brian Armstrong.

The Coinbase Platform follows a vision of a globally open monetary system not controlled by any specific country or society. Therefore, it is an excellent vector on a global scale:

  • of innovation;
  • Economic freedom;
  • as well as equal opportunities.

Coinbase already had almost a million subscribers just two years ago. following its creation. They were 20 million in 2018 and now they have exceeded 35 million.

Another small revolution is the implementation of Coinbase card which allows you to make purchases in associated stores, as well as make cash withdrawals.

This group indicates a number of more than 8,000 retailers that already accept transactions made in cryptocurrencies.

What cryptocurrency offerings does Coinbase offer to the general public?

Here are the offers to know :

base of coins

Son basic service allows the sale, purchase and use of cryptocurrencies.


Wallet represents an application that allows you to centralize all the cryptocurrency wallet. This also allows the reception or sending of cryptocurrencies with your contacts.

USD Currency

This service, offered by Coinbase and also known as a stablecoin, allows customers to take advantage of a cryptocurrency with stable value over time, at the rate of 1 USD Currency equivalent to 1 USD.


Earn represents a concept based on earn small amounts of cryptocurrencies that it is possible to obtain by learning about various topics related to this universe.

IPO coin base

On April 14, the gong of Coinbase stock quote sounded on the US Nasdaq market with a launch price of $250 per share. We were able to observe great enthusiasm from traders, investors, their institutions and individuals, with over 81 million shares traded during this first half day of trading.

Market capitalization it even hit $100 billion just ten minutes after launch, peaking at $428 per share. The share price was $328 at the close of trading, representing a market capitalization of $65 billion.

Graphically speaking, the first ten minutes of Coinbase stock quote helped signal an advantage of more than 69% from the initial public offering price of $250, as Coinbase’s share price reached $424.

The Coinbase stock fell two hours later to then hit a low of $310 and finally pull back slightly higher, to $328.05 per share by the end of the day. Nasdaq Session.

It is observed that Coinbase IPO that has just taken place takes on a rather particular character. This is the first time that a virtual currency exchange platform has been introduced. in a bag.

Apart of this IPO coin base could pave the way for a new wave of IPOs of “exchange” type companies. Listed companies that belong to the cryptocurrency sector are, to date, much more than “mining”. We can mention in particular:

  • SHA-256;
  • or even MicroBT and Bitmain.

Nasdaq Company, for comparison (at a share price of $157.44 per share at the close of trading on April 14), it capitalized $25.9 billion in the stock market. Thus, Coinbase is currently trading at 2.5 times the value of the US company that supports the management of nasdaq stock exchanges !

Be careful to differentiate between the market capitalization of all the companies that make up thenasdaq stock index and the capitalization of the Nasdaq Inc group (slate code NDAQ).

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