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Coinbase is undoubtedly the most used site by crypto enthusiasts, but it is not the only one that offers a decent service. And for good reason, Kucoin is very popular. cryptocurrency investors And this for several reasons. First, it is a site that offers to make purchases and exchanges with many different cryptocurrencies and in complete safety.

Unlike other sites of this type, Kucoin fees are much lower and there are always ways to do it. even more savings in your transaction fees. But that does not mean that Kucoin is flawless.

The history of the Kucoin platform

The Kucoin Platform was born in 2017 and was created by Eric Don and Michael Gan. It was while he was taking his first steps in the world of cryptocurrencies that Michael Gan realized that mining cryptocurrencies was not an easy thing. And that was due to the difficulty of using old trading platforms.

It is for this reason that he and his friend Eric Don decided to work on a new site that will be able to solve all these problems. Kucoin has generated since its launch over a billion transactions and has attracted a total of 10 million users worldwide.

It is already part of the 5 most used platforms and with the volume of use the most important. The Kucoin platform offers its users all kinds of services such as mining or cryptocurrency trading.

The offer in terms of services is very complete and it is also for to them loyalty benefits users Many people can find their happiness there.

Finally, Kucoin is certainly not a cryptocurrency site with a blockchain, but it still has its own token, which is the KCS. Users will be able to enjoy a 20% discount on their commercial rates if they use the KCS to settle their invoices. Kucoin also offers many other surprises to its users in the form of many different features.

The different features of Kucoin

Most platforms still try to stand out by offering since different characteristics of your competitors. When it comes to Kucoin, the site has quite a few different features:

  • cryptocurrency loans: this option allows you to lend these tokens to other users in exchange for interest such as bank loans;

  • Spotlight that one can use to invest in a new crypto project;

  • The Kucoin pool is used to collectively mine cryptocurrencies with other users;

  • Kucoin Win which is the platform casino where you can win tokens like KCS or USDT;

  • The Kucoin VIP club is part of the loyalty services of this site. It allows users who are members of the pool to have higher withdrawal limits, lower trading fees, and early access to future features that Kucoin offers.

Of course, all these features are accompanied by the most classic ones, namely: buy different cryptocurrencieswithdrawal or sale.

Our opinion about Kucoin

In short, it can be said that Kucoin is a very useful platform for its users. demanding people you will certainly appreciate the many benefits of Kucoin, as well as the very low fees it offers.

The characteristics and prices of Kucoin have nothing to envy to those of the competition, as well as the amount of cryptocurrencies it offers. On the other hand, the fact that Kucoin does not have without PSAN approval and that the head office is located in the Seychelles may represent some risk for investors.

Finally, we can deplore the fact that the platform is not the best for people who do not know much about cryptocurrencies. Contrary to what the creators of Kucoin claim, it is not necessarily easy to use.

We will inevitably be disoriented if we don’t have the basics and there is every chance of getting lost in this sea of ​​features that Kucoin offers. In order to navigate this world more easily, one can use other sites like ZenGo or eToro which are good alternatives to Kucoin.

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