Protecting our heritage for the next generation

You may want to do long term investments for your loved ones to enjoy later. If so, this documentation is for you. we will see the different types long-term or rather very long-term investments (20 years and more).

Booklet A

Is he preferred location French. It is a fairly safe investment as it is made in an account at your (French) bank and you cannot never lose value (if inflation is not taken into account).

Another advantage is that funds placed in a passbook are available At all times.

his weak point : It is an investment that does not contribute much, especially in times of inflation since at the moment it is not very advantageous: if we remove a high level of inflation, we can have a negative rate.

It is quite a limited investment because the roof of livret A is €22,950.

Shares (PEA)

placement in behaviour it is interesting because it offers great earning potential long term with little management necessary. We recommend distribute purchases over time to smooth out the price and avoid buying at a spike. So you will benefit from stock market crises by buying cheap.

the PEA (stock savings plan) is very tax advantageous ; It is an investment for a minimum of 5 years to take advantage of tax benefits. It allows having less than 18% of taxes and social contributions against 30% (single tax) in an ordinary securities account.

the the ceiling of the EAP is €150,000.

life insurance

Life insurance offers higher rate of return to a booklet A but this is not not guaranteed. The risk is very present; certain life insurance (LI) investments may be losers even in the long term. It will therefore be necessary choose well your AV product. There are a multitude of life insurance investments with different compositions. You can even customize the composition (to do it with your banker).

Life insurance can be a mix of various types of assets :

  • Behaviour
  • euro fund
  • Raw Materials
  • Obligations

There is not no cap in relation to life insurance, but the taxation can vary if it reaches a certain threshold.


Gold is considered a safe investment. It is often called the safe investment. The reality is that gold wants to have long periods of consolidation and decline.

Therefore, it is advisable to spread out the purchases to smooth the price and deal with moments of price weakness.

Gold can be bought physically, but also through ETFs for instance.


We’re at CryptoPump, so I’m going to talk about cryptocurrency investing 😉

We don’t really know what crypto will do in the medium to long term. It must be an investment conviction with the purpose of reinforcement all your investments in case of success (big cryptos) sans nevertheless risk all your assets (all your investments).

You must therefore:

  • Buy crypto only if believe in crypto in the very long term (buy by conviction)
  • To extend your purchases to limit the risk
  • If your cryptocurrency investments are minority compared to all your investments
  • To diversify your investment in crypto (see below)

Their portefeuille cryptos can be set as follows (this is not a buying advice):

  • 50% of the large cryptocurrencies such as: ETH, BTC, LIT,…
  • Coins 30% d’ALT
  • 20% small cap coins therefore very risky.

This is a example reasonably reasonable management. You can adjust it according to your preferences.

Caveat : An investment in cryptocurrencies must represent a maximum of 10% of all your investments savings. It is a very risky investment so you have to be very careful with the level of investment in this asset.

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