Satoshi Nakamoto’s bitcoin wallet address.

Out of curiosity, you may want to know the address (url) of the wallet original of Nakamoto? The first Bitcoin wallet is available for viewing.

The Bitcoin Core, the original Satoshi Nakamoto wallet

If you are looking to learn more about BTC miningyou’ve probably heard of the bitcoin core. It is open source software that was first released in 2009 under the code name ” Bitcoin QT by Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of BTC. According to 2016 statistics, more than 90% minors used the Bitcoin Core client instead of other programs.

What is Bitcoin Core used for?

bitcoin core is a Bitcoin client software, similar to Bitcoin wallet, MultiBit, Electrum. What makes it unique is that it is the original and official BTC client. was invented in 2009 by the person who created Bitcoin (BTC). He is currently used by thousands of users who regularly contribute to the system.

In essence, Bitcoin Core allows Bitcoin users to connect to the Bitcoin network and verify transactions. It makes the computers on which it is installed network nodes (blockchain).

If you want to see what Bitcoin Core looks like, you can Free download at It is possible to contribute to the project if you are the author, as is the case with any genuine open source software.

Le Wallet Bitcoin Core

The Bitcoin Core blockchain also includes a purse or Wallet.

If Bitcoin Core is a BTC client software, it also integrates an account to store BTC, and only BTC. This is a safe method. against cryptocurrency theft and freezing by third-party organizations (although you are no less responsible for your security and that of your crypto).

The wallet, which was previously only supported by operating systems. windowsnow it can be used with Linux, Ubuntu, ARM Linux, Mac OSX systems.

How to access the bitcoin wallet?

…to make a donation to the creator or out of curiosity 😉

It is a digital wallet that contains the 50 initial bitcoins that were created from the first block and that allows to do ” it gets » by Satoshi Nakamoto.

Therefore, we can obtain one of its keys by searching the address that received the reward linked to the initial block in the blockchain.

His direction is: : 1A1zP1eP5QGefi2DMPTfTL5SLmv7DivfNa => visible ici :

You will notice that there are always 50BTC mining receipts du initial block. Since then, additional BTC have been added additional by users from all over the world who frequently provide portions of bitcoin to Satoshi.

interesting transactions

Stories about the incident:

To prove that a person It’s alright Satoshi Nakamotoyou will be asked to to transfer Bitcoins from your wallet to another. Otherwise the mystery surrounding identity of the person is unsolved.

In May 2020, 40 BTC has been moved from an unopened wallet since 2009 to a fictitious wallet. The BTC in question is a block reward 3654extracted during the first month of existence you Bitcoin.

It is important to note that fifty BTC they were transferred as part of this transaction but by a 40/10 split between two addresses.

In any case, the idea that Satoshi Nakamoto is back is mentioned.

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