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crypto wealth is a software automated trading specifically designed for cryptocurrency trading. The software allows traders to access the market by investing only a small amount (less than €200) as initial capital.

How Crypto Wealth Works

First and before registering, it is important to read what follows to know where you are going. Using a business account should not be taken lightly.

Artificial intelligence at your service

Crypto Wealth is software that uses artificial intelligence for trading. The system will order buying and selling of cryptocurrencies.

Orders are automatically placed on your account. Beforehand, you will need to set up your trading account according to your preferences.

Create a Cryptocurrency account

Online account creation is easy. Do you have any information to provide. I advise you to start with a demo account before investing real money.

Do not hesitate to watch the video with the instructions available in the section means from the official site.

Y professional will contact you immediately after registration.


As an indication, the application offers a table with the better profits for traders and directly (live earnings results).

crypto wealth live profit
crypto wealth live profit

This will allow you to see the effectiveness of the software and compare with your performance.

and a robot when a is designed on a basis high frequency trading. The algorithm studies the markets to obtain data that it will use to trade. The robot gagne also money when btc goes down because it will also make short sales.

the rates

The robot takes a commission of two% in each trade. No other fees (deposit, withdrawal, no escrow fees, etc.) are charged.


The Crypto Wealth company has heavily invested in the data encryption user sensitivities. Crypto Wealth complies with the GDPR in force in all countries of the world.

The strengths of Crypto Wealth

This automated trading software has a success rate fairly high trades.

The software allows merchants beginners to take your first steps in trading with little money and little knowledge. You can even sign up for free to get started try the platform and familiarize yourself.

The software allows you to take good reflexes (take profit, protect a position) to improve “manual” trading. By observing the robot, you will be able to Inspire of their behavior to carry out real operations on a dedicated platform.

You can withdraw funds when you want it by bank transfer or credit card.

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