The Robinhood app: find out our opinion!

robinhood is a online broker that offers innovative and revolutionary services in the world of trading. We know that the world of trading has become increasingly extensive in recent years. Robinhood has provided you with an app that enables you to make next generation transactions. Discover the robinhood features as well as the advantages of its application!

Who is Robin Hood?

robinhood is a runner line which has been active in America since 2008, when the crisis ended. The platform has launched a mobile application since its launch to face the great competition.

Robinhood then offers to trade on different financial markets of assets, such as:

  • the actions ;
  • the options.

The platform Today it has a large community of users who have all chosen its mobile application. However, please note that Robinhood is only available to those residing in the United States. For others, such as European countries, you should choose a broker open to investor categories, such as Alvexo. Secondly, robinhood bag exploded its numbers during confinement, with more than 140 million new users.

What are the features of Robinhood?

robinhood a Unique features to stand out from the competition. In fact, it is a solution that focuses on mobile commerce. Robinhood was based on novice traders when it was launched and targeted the under 35 age group. This method is not highly preferred by most of the online brokers who are mainly focused on mobile solution for buying, investing or reselling.

the mobile app development by Robinhood it was even more interesting because of its young audience. We know that young people use their phones a lot to the detriment of the computer, so they will tend to use the app instead of the online platform. Thus, the company wanted to adapt to its target audience and offered one of the most ergonomic applications.

Furthermore, Robinhood is also a unique sponsorship system. This allows you to get a free share if you refer a new customer. As stipulated in the terms of use, these shares are priced between $2.50 and $200. So, if we go by the statistics, you might have about a 1% chance of getting a stock priced between $50 and $200, a 1% chance of‘get action with a price ranging from $10 to $50 and 98% chance of getting a stock priced from $2.50 to $10.

Why choose the Robinhood app?

The robinhood app has very positive opinions regarding the quality of its interface, its design and its ergonomics. As a user, you will have a very fun and inventive access to the financial market. Also, to cheer you up, the app makes you enjoy confetti rain animations after each transaction.

With this application you can enter the financial market in a more original way and different from conventional forms. In addition, it allows its users to join a real community, like social networks. Thus, you will be able to share information with other enthusiasts of financial asset transactions. You will also be able to get help and make things easier for yourself by having tips.

The robinhood app therefore, it has become a social network that allows beginners to understand how the financial market works and find their way around. To adopt all the security required by the application, its design took two years before it was available. then you’ll have to insert your PIN code before each financial transaction for added security. Additionally, the app has templates for transacting with various US banks.

Re Robinhood App Features, are quite limited for professionals and regulars in financial asset transactions. The app then offers:

  • notifications and alerts about new opportunities;
  • view your portfolios and manage them individually;
  • a module that allows you to generate your activity reports over a period.

In conclusion, Robinhood Online Broker App It is very interesting. It is particularly appreciated by beginners, but may lack functionality in the eyes of experts. Lbig robinhood downside is the fact of being accessible only on American soil.

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