What is AXS Crypto?

During the period of the Covid-19 virus pandemic, the popularity of the Axie Infinity project was very great. In fact, several thousand people could sign up and generate profits. Beyond their pleasure, the people who used the Axie Infinity crypto, which stems from the project, were lucky enough to be able to improve your profits in just a few weeks.

Since that date, a growing number of people have decided to embark on this Investment in AXS cryptocurrency. Do you also want to take the plunge? First of all, certain information must be considered to obtain the maximum information about the AXS cryptocurrency. We put them at your disposal.


What is the Axie Infinity project?

Axie Infinity is a form of gambling based on AXS cryptography, from the famous Pokémon and Tamagotchi game universe. The people who participate exercise their profession in a fully virtual environment and they are in charge of forming small monsters, called Axies. Thus, by performing different operations in the game, the participants have the opportunity to in order to collect profits, which are sometimes important.

Since its launch in 2018, many people were also attracted to the Axie Infinity concept, based on the Axie Infinity crypto. To kick things off, the project’s designers have related to different companies and investors. Samsung, Ubisoft, HTC, Binance, and Maker are among these various partners.

In addition, the formula of the game is very clear: it is about participate and win coins.

Who are the creators of the Axie Infinity project?

In 2018, this project, which involved the launch of AXS crypto was designed by Sky Maxis, a game designer based in Vietnam. However, it also counts among its members the co-founders Aleksander Larsen and Trung Nguyen. The second is the CEO of the platform. After earning his bachelor’s degree in the field of software engineering, collaborated with Anduin Transactions as a software engineer.

For his part, Larsen has worked in the field of creating games focused on blockchain technology of 2017. Previously, he served as Secretary of the Board of Directors of the Blockchain Game Alliance. Until now, this team trained on the Axie Infinity crypto project consists of 25 members. Most of them have multiple experiences in the field of game creation.

Is there a possibility to dump or stake the Axie Infinity cryptocurrency?

Like most cryptocurrencies out there, you can use Axie Infinity cryptocurrency. In other words, if you wish, it is possible to mine the AXS cryptocurrency. To do this, you just need have powerful hardware and of course start by playing the Axie Infinity game.

However, there is another requirement: you must have a initial financing to be able to buy Axies. These funds are sometimes important, and that, due to the great notoriety of the game, the value of the AXS token grows.

In order to mine the AXS cryptocurrency, it is necessary to have an Axie Infinity support. The minor must then determine the address of his account in order to receive funds from the account. Only then can he choose a mining pool and start your activities.

Once again, for operations to go well, it is better use good quality materials. And for good reason, it will increase the interest of the mining method experience.

Where can the AXS cryptocurrency be found?

At the time of its appearance, the AXS cryptocurrency was only available on a digital asset exchange, that of Binance. At the time, it was trading with four combinations of transactions:

  • The AXS/USDT combination;
  • The AXS/BUSD combination;
  • The AXS/BTC combination;
  • The AXS/BNB combination.

However, due to the huge popularity of the Axie Infinity project, the means are very varied. Currently, in addition to Binance, it is possible to obtain the Axie Infinity cryptocurrency from other platforms: FTX, Huobi, Upbit and Crypto.com.

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