Where to buy ether?

Since its creation, the ethereum you are progressing from your course more than 2000%. This value impresses with its stock market trip. And despite the recent downturn in the financial markets, the performance remains very honorable.

Ethereum is now the second world crypto.

Les Wallet application

A wallet app it will permit you Storer cryptos. Ethereum, one of the popular cryptos, is available on the most of these apps.

Namely :

  • An Ethereum account is a type of account that can transfer funds and maintain an account balance.
  • An Ethereum account has an ethereum address. It can be used to transfer funds to an account.
  • A wallet is a service that allows you control your Ethereum account. It allows you to keep an overview of your balance, make transactions, etc.

the DApps there is a growing number of applications that use Ethereal to change business models or create new ones. They are based on decentralized services.

trading platforms

To buy ethereum easily and safely, it is recommended to use online brokers such as Etoro, Binance, Coinbase, Libertex. These platforms allow you to buy Ethereum at attractive prices (low cost). The goal is to resell at a profit.

Trading platforms offering to trade Ether

  • etoro
  • Binance
  • Capital.com
  • Libertex
  • base of coins
  • BitPanda
  • kraken

Look at the rates and cryptocurrencies offered on the sites of these trading platforms. Ethereum crypto must of course be offered.

Procedures to buy Ether

Go to the broker’s website and fill in all the required details on the registration form. Then accept the terms and conditions and open your account. If you want to simplify registration, you can create an account through your Facebook or Google account. However, we suggest using an email address instead of a username from a third-party app.

Some brokers require a minimum salary (€100 for example) when opening the account.

You can buy by putting money in your account with a credit card either PayPal. Some brokers allow Bank transfers (It may take a little longer to fund your account.)

Once your account is credited, you can continue a limit order either a market order (most cryptocurrency brokers offer this type of order).

We recommend the limit order to control the purchase price.

Holding Ether in a trading account

Some brokers (trading) allow you to buy blockchain cryptocurrencies (Ether) very easily.

If this feature is available through your broker, you can save your chips Ether (and other cryptocurrencies) in your trading account or transfer them to another account if you wish.

There are even brokers that allow you keep cryptocurrency private keysthen you will be the only one owner of these.

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