Which wallet to choose for a beginner?

Y crypto wallet it will permit you store your different cryptocurrencies. There are many wallets with different characteristics. You must choose it well to avoid problems (security for example).

The different types of wallet

A wallet can be used under form :

  • From the client software
  • From a mobile app
  • A computer file with security (key)

Exists 3 types of wallet software :

  • simple wallets : for the transport and storage of coins
  • rich wallets : for DeFi, stacking, NFT, …
  • physical wallets : group your coins in a USB key. It is safe, but you must remember the recovery phrase (or keep it in a safe place). The physical wallet is also nice to handle; for less than 80 euros, you can also benefit from very strong security.

Selection criteria

There are a variety of criteria you need to consider when trying to find the right best cryptocurrency wallet.


The security must be a important element in the choice of wallet application. You have to inform yourself about the security procedures of the application and look at the warnings on the Internet.

The interface

The interface should suit you; the application must be simple to be used especially if you use features like payment in coins.

Some apps have a bit complicated interface. When starting out, it’s best to avoid this type of interface.


the applications of payment for crypto offer this feature highly requested (payment through coins).

They are usually extremely simple to get started; however, there are various nuances, including the types of tokens and currencies accepted. Please note that some apps do not accept Bitcoin. Therefore, you should inform yourself about the cryptos accepted by the application.

The Wallet Applications

I will introduce several Wallet applications to you.


the safety of ZenGo it is different from that of all other wallets. The wallet is protected by advanced biometric encryption, 3FA authentication and MPC wallet cryptography, you will never be able to access your cryptocurrencies.


Coinomi It is the ideal wallet for beginners. It is a completely free mobile application, accessible for both Android and iPhone without using another service. It offers a simple and intuitive user experience. You can send and receive cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Lite, DogeCoin,…

Ledger Nano X

the Ledger Nano X allows you to safely manage more than 5000 tokens and coins. It includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP and many more among others.

By combining the Ledger Nano X what is a physical wallet, With the Ledger Live app, you get the best security and control over your digital assets.


electro it’s a french bitcoin wallet and open source (developers have used Github to help advance the product) which remains essential for more experienced cryptocurrency holders.

The app is widely used by Bitcoin holders to transact. she also accepts bitcoin payments.


metamask it’s a wallet enriched (Challenge). Is a extension to allow access to distributed applications accessible by the Ethereum blockchain. The extension can be used within a web browser or as a mobile app.


MyEtherWallet (MEW) is a wallet enriched. The client-side interface is free and open source. Allows you to create portfolios Ethereal and even more. Connect to the Ethereum blockchain quickly and securely.


Sure it is a physical wallet. Trezor hardware wallets are sure against unauthorized access through a user-defined PIN code, which can have up to 50 numbers.


Exodus is a software cash management related to cryptocurrency.

With Exodus, resources are safe in the physical wallet Sure. even if you’re not unknown with bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies it is possible to be able to use this wallet with to ease.

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