Withdraw money from a Binance account: how to do it?

Many cryptocurrency investors have joined the famous binance trading platform for many reasons, among which are: its low withdrawal costs. In addition to offering a simple system for buying and selling shares, Binance makes it easy to withdraw funds directly to your bank account. In fact, the platform supports the withdrawal of 14 currencies thanks to different payment options.

In the event that you sell your crypto assets for currency and do not know how to withdraw the money to a bank account, we explain how to proceed through various means.

How to withdraw funds from a Binance account on a PC?

the withdraw euro funds from your Binance account to bank accounts using the SWIFT transfer method is free. However, it can take up to four business days for the funds to reach your bank account. To withdraw funds in euros, follow these steps:

Login to your Binance account on the website or desktop app. Choose the Wallet panel, then Fiat and Spot from the scrolling list. you will see a list of your forex assets and in cryptocurrency. To designate the fiat currency to be withdrawn, simply enter “EURO” in the text box or search for it in the list. Select “Withdraw” to the right of the “EURO” option. In the “Coin withdrawal” window, under the heading “Coin to withdraw”, you will see your balance. the bank transfer form (SWIFT) will be filled in automatically. Enter the amount you want to withdraw or select your balance in euros. The request will be created by clicking “Continue”. Next, you will need to provide the information regarding the receiving bank and the account holder. Make sure the details are complete on the application form. withdrawal confirmationthen click “Confirm”.

Withdraw funds from Binance account from iPhone or Android

Follow the instructions below to make SWIFT withdrawals in EURO on Binance using your iPhone or Android device:

Go to your account in the app and tap on the wallet located at the bottom right. unroll it currency menu down and press EUR. Tap Delete at the bottom left. On the withdrawal page, in the “Recommended” section, you will find the heading ” Bank transfer (SWIFT)“. In the “Withdrawal Information” column, you will be informed about the approximate duration of the transaction. Go to the “Enter amount” field and type it to enter a specific amount to be removed from your accountthen tap “Continue”.
Now enter the recipient information; your name will appear in the “Recipient Name” field. Tap the “Continue” button. A popup of withdrawal confirmation will appear. Just tap “Confirm” if all the information is correct.

Make an instant withdrawal on Binance

By activating “Visa Fast Funds”, it is possible withdraw funds from your Binance wallet to your credit or debit card. Typically, the request is executed within five minutes. Card transactions involving instant withdrawal are subject to a 1% fee.

payment function Instant card withdrawal is offered exclusively in the following countries:

  • Austria and Belgium,
  • Denmark and Finland,
  • France and Germany,
  • Greece and Iceland,
  • Italy and Poland,
  • Portugal and Spain,
  • Sweden, Russia and the UK.

Pour instantly withdraw funds from Binance to your credit card, to go your Binance account and choose the “Portfolio” panel. Click on “Fiat and Spot”, then on the currency you want to withdraw. Select “Visa Card”. In the “Amount” field, indicate the amount of money to withdraw. For withdraw, check your associated card or add a new one. Upon clicking “Continue”, a withdrawal confirmation window will appear. If the information provided seems correct, all you have to do is click “Confirm” to validate the withdrawal. A security popup will be displayed. The security check must be completed. This is a six-digit code that will be sent to your phone by clicking “Send SMS”. Enter the six digit code. You are then shown an “Order Shipped” pop-up message. confirm that the withdrawal was successful.

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